Adoption Building Families Loves TheAdoptionApp

Adoption Building Families“As a young woman I struggled with infertility and after a few years my husband and I decided to adopt. I wish I would have had a resource like this when I first started planning a family. I would definitely recommend TheAdoptionApp to others. It is a great learning tool for beginners just starting adoption process or anyone interested in learning more. It also shares info on infertility, too with other great resources. It was a free app for me on Droid. Mom at last also has a nice boutique for adoption or pregnancy.. I will definitely be visiting the store to order soon… Thanks for creating such a helpful app!” ~ Donita from Adoption Building Families

Adoption Building Families is a Facebook Community for Individuals and Couples who are going on their Adoption Journey and want to communicate with one another.

Adoptive Families Who Love Adoption


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