FAQS About TheAdoptionApp, A Domestic Adoption App

FAQS, Questions and Answers about theAdoptionApp, and International and Domestic Adoption App

Is theAdoptionApp compatible with the iPhone 5?

• Yes! TheAdoptionApp can be viewed and used on the New iPhone 5 and has been modified to make sure it is!

What other devices can theAdoptionApp be used on?

• TheAdoptionApp can be used on your iPod Touch, your iPhone 4 & above, your New iPhone 5, your iPad, and the new iPad Mini!

When will theAdoptionApp be available on Android?

• NOW! TheAdoptionApp is now available on Google Play and Amazon Apps. The Amazon App Market will also carry TheAdoptionApp soon, so please stay tuned for updated information regarding your Amazon Device.

What type of device should I use for theAdoptionApp for Android?

• TheAdoptionApp for Android is created using HTML5 coding, including a new HTML5 Tag that needs a certain browser to view the App properly. To see compatibility tables for this app, please visit “Can I Use…”

Who created TheAdoptionApp?

• theAdoptionapp was created by Sharon Simons, the founder of Mom at Last in 2012

Why was theAdoptionapp created?

• Sharon Simons, an Adoptive Mom of Two, found herself having a difficult time navigating the Adoption Process, so she created theAdoptionapp, in hopes to help and guide others through the Adoption Process with less headache and stress

What does TheAdoptionApp do?
• theAdoptionapp helps guide you through the long and winding journey of the Adoption Process. theAdoptionapp will provide you with detailed checklists, tasks, documents, resources, articles and more to help you stay on track throughout your Adoption Journey

Where can theAdoptionapp be used?
• Anywhere! theAdoptionapp does not require internet access to work, so use it where ever your Adoption Journey takes you

How do I download theAdoptionapp?
• Visit Our Download Page and Pick The Platform You Will Need

What is included with in theAdoptionApp?
• A Detailed Checklist of Tasks, Information & Documents to help you through your Domestic & International Adoption Process
• Access to the Gift Boutique
• Calendar that Syncs with your existing calendar
• Resources to inform you about the Adoption Process and Journey
• Articles and Success Stories on the Adoption Journey, Motherhood and More
• A Sneak Peek at the Mom at Last Memoir, written by the founder of Mom at Last & the Creator of theAdoptionapp

When can I buy TheAdoptionApp?

How much does theAdoptionapp cost?
• $4.99 for the iPhone App and FREE for the Android App

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