Happy National Adoption Month 2014

Touched by adoption? Waiting to adopt? Adoption advocates and authors are teaming up for National Adoption Month to help encourage, inspire, support and educate anyone interested in adoption. For the ENTIRE month of November, our Adoption Advocates and Authors will be offering our adoption books for just 99 cents for Kindle. Below is a list of participating books, along with links to the author web sites and their listings on Amazon.

Happy National Adoption Month!

More Adoption Books That Are On Sale

Mom-at-Last-How-I-Never-Gave-Up-MemoirSharon struggled to become a Mom, dealing with the uncertain world of infertility including three In Vitro Fertilizations, Tubal Pregnancy, and the Loss of a Pregnancy with twin boys at 19 weeks. That loss only made her more determined to become a Mom. Thankfully that dream became a reality due to International Adoption.

“Inspiring and Heartwarming!”
“Eloquent, Raw and Intoxicating!”

“A Mom’s and Dad Story!”

“Fantastic Story!”

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