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I LOVE the AdoptionApp for the iphone. It gives checklists for both domestic and international adoptions. I love that I can remove or add items to the list depending on the country and the ability to to look up each country for requirements. For me, I need to schedule in my calendar when to do my “to do” tasks and I love that you can do that from the app without exiting it. I would highly recommend this app to any adoptive family (and this is not my first adoption)!” ~ Kristie Hoyt Gonzales of Our Journey 2 Forever

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After trying to conceive and being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor and endometriosis, Kristie Hoyt Gonzales and her husband knew they were always meant to adopt. They still wanted to have a newborn first so they started researching agencies and signed on with one that also had a transracial infant program. Kristie and her husband were open to a child of any race and after entering the waiting pool, they were quickly matched with Hudson’s birthmom. Hudson was a wonderful blessing and they have loved every minute they get to be his parents. After Hudson was a year old, they started talking about adoption again and they both knew they still had it in their hearts to adopt internationally. You can read more about her journey through the International Adoption Process by visiting her blog here.

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