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“From homestudy information to customizable checklists for both domestic and international routes, this app will keep you on top of all of the to-dos on the way to parenthood.”

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“It helps families stay organized through the entire process, and cuts down on some of that paper you have to keep track of in your Adoption Binder. We highly recommend taking a look at The Adoption App. We are also working on setting up a webinar with Sharon Simons from MomAtLast” ~

Alliance for Children Review

“The Adoption App seems to be a great way for adoptive parents to stay organized during the process and may also serve as a useful resource for information.” ~ Barb Luciano of Alliance for Children


“When I recently downloaded the AdoptionApp to my iPhone, I instantly knew this was something the adoption community needed. I love how much detail is given in the home study checklist. It allows you add or delete anything so you can make the checklist customize-able to your adoption process. I even went and added a check for completing our adoption profile.” ~ Infant Adoption Guide

Feed My App Review

“It has been given the thumbs up by many adoption agencies who like its organizational abilities and the fact that it cuts out some of the paperwork that you have to keep track of. TheAdoptionApp is a very helpful app with lots of information for those thinking of adoption or foster care from home or abroad.” ~ FeedMyApp Review

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“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Very helpful, lot of information for both domestic and international adoptions. Love the checklist of all the documents needed. Love the mom at last link with all the resources for when you get home. Hope to use those very soon. Love the Memoir link as well to tell your story or see others stories.” ~ My Crazy Savings Review

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“If only this app had been available at the beginning our journey…. it’s packed full of great information that every pre-adoptive parent should be armed with …whether domestic infant adoption, adoption from foster care or international adoption! From a calendar to organize all of those important meeting dates to a checklist filled with valuable information about the many required documents. It even includes links to information by state! I was thrilled to see that the check list can be edited so it can be tailored to your specific case or agency requirements.

I would highly recommend this app to any family looking into adoption! To have this kind of organization available at your fingertips is worth far more than $4.99!” ~ Foster Adoption Review