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MomAtLast’s “AdoptionApp” now on Kindle and Android

Resources4Adoption“In November, we gave a brief review of “The AdoptionApp” from MomAtLast. This amazing app is now available for free on Android and KindleFire HD! It helps families stay organized through the entire process, and cuts down on some of that paper you have to keep track of in your Adoption Binder. We highly recommend taking a look at The Adoption App.”

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TheAdoptionKit Adoption Survival Kit

TheAdoptionApp for Android is Here

Adoption App for Android Devices

TheAdoptionApp, an International and Domestic Adoption Mobile App is finally available on the Android Platform and available for you to download on Google Play for your Android Device

Open the Adoption App on Android

TheAdoptionApp is an Android and iPhone app that helps couples and individuals navigate their way through the Adoption Process with tasks, checklists, resources and more to help you through your Adoption Journey.

The Adoption App for Android was built using HTML5, including some brand new coding just added to HTML5. Due to this, TheAdoptionApp for Android is only compatible for specific browsers on your Android mobile device. To see compatibility information, please visit our FAQs Page to see if your device is able to view the Adoption App in the way it was meant to be viewed. The Adoption App will work on all Android devices, but some of the functionality will be different, especially on the older Android devices.

Domestic Adoption Check List for AndroidThe Android App for Android has all of the same functionality you would find in the Adoption App for iPhone, including the Connect Feature, Tasks and Checklists, Links to Resources and Information on both Domestic and International Adoption. The only difference between the two is layout, color scheme and calendar functionality. Google Calendar is already built-in with the Android OS, so the calendar button connects you to the Google Calendar portal via the web. Any changes you make to your Google Calendar will be automatically reflected on your Android Calendar.

You can purchase theAdoptionApp for Android on the Google Play Store, for your Android & Google Devices. TheAdoptionApp will be available on the Amazon App market soon, so stay tuned!

Form I-800A

In addition to the State Clearances required in the United States, there are additional clearances and documentation needed to adoption internationally from a Hague Convention Country.

Form I-800A

Once you have obtained a favorable home study, prospective adoptive parents must submit Form I-800A to USCIS in order to establish their eligibility and suitability. Home studies for Hague adoptions must be submitted to USCIS at the same time of filing your I-800A. If USCIS approves your Form I-800A, then you must submit Form I-800 to determine the child’s eligibility as a Convention Adoptee, before adopting or obtaining legal custody of the child.

Click Here to View Information on Filing Fees, Mailing Addresses, and More

Click Here to View an Example of “Form I-800A”

Click Here to See Form I-800A Instructions

Hague Convention Country Adoption Clearances

The Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Inter-Country Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention) is an international agreement to establish safeguards to ensure that country to country adoptions take place in the child’s best interests. The Convention entered has been enforced in the United States since April 2008. The Hague Adoption Convention applies to adoptions between the United States and the other countries that has signed the Hague Convention Treaty.

Home Study Expenses

Create a working document to outline the expenses of the complete home study to include in your Home Study Process for your International Adoption