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After featuring our adoption story, Mom at Last asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the new AdoptionApp and sharing Sharon’s story behind the creation of the Mom at Last community. Adoption is my nirvana. Of course I said yes.
Adoptionistas Reviews The Adoption App

The AdoptionApp

We’re adoption junkies. Or, maybe “adoption queers” is more accurate. (Mwahaha). We’re the random people who pull up new Department of State notifications on international adoption programs just for fun. (Who wants to come over for brownies?) And then I found this site with data on the most popular adoption programs with wait times and cost. (Domestic newborn adoption is about twice as expensive as I thought it was). Junkies. So I couldn’t wait to take a peek at the Adoption App.

It’s one part “info” and one part “hand-holding through the steps.” As in, it would have answered about 3,892 of the 3,896 questions we emailed our agency during the paperwork process. This is exactly what you want (and what Ryan created in numerous spreadsheets) when going through the mountains of paperwork with an adoption. It’s what we all want our agencies to provide, but they typically don’t. There are example forms (wanna know what an immigration form looks like? Do ya? Do ya? I betcha do), descriptions of what “financial documentation” really means, a break down of the home study process, and a way to check off what you’ve done. The App starts with the (pivotal) fork in the adoption road: Domestic or International. If you click on International, then it lays out the process for both Hague and Non-Hague countries (2 very different processes).

Who this App is perfect for:

~ people interested in adoption and the differences between domestic, foster, international, Hague, and Non-Hague
~ people who have just started an adoption, people who are planning to start an adoption, or people who are in the middle of an adoption
~ people who want to know what really goes on in a “home study”
~ adoption junkies

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